The Thermodynamics of Love Trilogy

We live in a world of relationships: from chemical bonds to boy meets girl, to families and societies, to the laws that govern the cosmic order.

The trilogy is a typical love story. Indeed, boy meets girl and a relationship develops, but we all know that as Woody Allen says "Sooner or later everything turns to shit". In other words, in most relationships, the initial dynamic exchange of heat-energy soon becomes the dreaded lukewarm entropy, the harbinger of heat death.

However, the laws of physics that seem to doom David and Kate’s relationship to the thermodynamic trap, might be able to help them to transform it into the everlasting loop of energy exchange they have always dreamed of: a superconductive love unmarred by friction from guilt, fear and resentment.

Their quest will force them to challenge, and eventually transcend their all too human feelings of inadequacy, the apparently inevitable limitations of time, and the hazy, illusory lines between dream and reality, life and death.