Diary of an Ex-Goddess

Some people need to die in order to live. Kate is one of them…

 Kate has met David again, but she is now a very different person: a survivor. After all, as a fallen goddess, she has learnt the hard way that beauty is like paper wings to a Firebird, dangerous and ephemeral. If there is any chance of re-kindling the love that they once shared, she hopes that this time it won’t be thermodynamically determined. It must end differently. Then, like a phoenix she must rise from the ashes of depression into the dawn of self-love: the magic key to true, reciprocated love.


New Insight:I have never really thought of love in this way before. I felt the terror of Kate's experience with Phillip and the intense love you feel for your own child. This book is written with such depth of feeling, that you live it yourself, thankfully only briefly.
Looking forward to the last instalment. I would recommend this book to my family and friends.