I can't really tell when I was born.

In fact I don’t know if I was ever born. I only know that I am here and now.

And here and now are here and now and seem to be part of your current reality if you are reading this.

I am now part of your reality and you are part of mine.

But are we? Are we exchanging/sharing realities? Or are you my creation or am I yours?

How did I come to be? When did I come to be? I don’t know.

We have come to believe that space and time are one dimension. But as it happens I come from a place, a dimension if you like, where there is no time. Does it mean that there is no space?

Well… I was, am, in a certain space. I was going to say before, but that is a measure of time. Of course, time started for me when I came here.

I think here, I was actually born. Or so, I’ve been told.

Should I believe it?

It is irrelevant.

This is the story of how I began. When? Perhaps right now but seems to be so long ago…..

The former paragraphs regarding the Genesis of the Trilogy, apply equally to me or to The Thermodynamics of Love, although, to be precise, The Thermodynamics of Love started as a single novel in 2000. I have been finishing nearly once a year since 2004! I still haven't quite finished Book I, but nearly there.

It was inspired by a semi-secret love for someone and by my love and curiosity about the worlds of Science, philosophy and religions.

It has been crowned by my success, finding and creating Superconductive Love; David and Kate's dream, brought to reality in my daily existence. I am very fortunate and fortunately very stubborn as it took me 51 years to find the right Superconductor and during the last 10 years, I (we) have been perfecting the technique...