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My writer friends, Robert Lipscombe and Gerard Lewis, have published a couple of books over the last couple of years, that I consider quite exceptional.

Robert Lipscombe's The English Project (I hate the name, by the way!) is an incredibly bold novel; a real adventure of the mind and the imagination. You will need the readily dictionary tool as it is also an adventure in the English language, although, in spite of the name, it has nothing to do with English Grammar. See below a couple more links with comments about his book. I am not being paid for this! I just love his writing!

Gerard Lewis's The Laundry Basket exhibits in my view, emotional intelligence that I confess, I rarely expect in men. Sorry!! That is not a comment on men's ability to feel or to love or to express love. It is more about my experience of relationships with extremely loving men who find very difficult to verbalize those feelings.  The other very striking aspects of Gerard's novel are in my view, his capacity to inhabit and make believable so many diverse characters and the originality of story line's conception.

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