Some people need to die in order to live.

Kate is one of them…

Kate has met David again, but she is now a very different person: a survivor.

After all, as a fallen goddess, she has learnt the hard way that beauty is like paper wings to a Firebird, dangerous and ephemeral.

If there is any chance of re-kindling the love that they once shared, she hopes that this time it won’t be thermodynamically determined. It must end differently.

Then, like a phoenix she must rise from the ashes of depression into the dawn of self-love: the magic key to true, reciprocated love.

1. The Heart’s Secret

Today you didn't see me. Today I was no more the goddess you once worshiped. Today, you were the God.

I looked at you, so tall, so handsome, so powerful… so out of reach… Son of the east, it is strange how 20 years can change people and perspectives. In 20 years, empires collapse and new ones rise.

Mine, my empire of beauty, my empire of power over men, my empire over you, collapsed and disappeared.

I could be sad, but I'm not. A new empire, a new me, has been born from the ashes. And I rather like this new me. I didn't know how much I hated the old one; that stupid girl; that goddess I once was.

Today I lingered on your words as you once did on mine.

I longed and dreaded the moment your eyes would land on me. Those eyes that bore a chasm of emptiness the day you disappeared. Those eyes of sea and sky, yet, deep and dark with stormy undercurrents I never understood. They never did, and I have to confess, I feel relieved.

The ebb and flow of time have done their work. This day might mark the rise of your empire, my love.

Oh, God! How much I love you still. Your goddess of yesterday has been dreaming and has made of you the god of her today.