Original Sin

Nagpur, India, 14th October 1956


A defining moment for the half a million untouchables who converted to Buddhism following their leader, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.A revolution of far reaching social, religious and political consequences; far less than most hoped, far more than many bargained for.

A defining moment for Hyma, a young brown skinned girl descended from the ancient Ma-har, a community condemned to live in the gutters of Society many centuries before, because of their refusal to give up their Buddhist practices.

Searching for her cousin amongst the seated crowd, she has tripped over a pair of legs far longer than anybody else's around: a man, whose white skin and bright blue eyes stick out a head above the crowd.

Her slender frame suddenly trembling like a bird inside the long arms stretched to stop her fall, has also stumbled into a future that in time will condemn her: an outcast of the outcastes. In turn, when the thread of seven years of clandestine encounters renders fruit, her family, traditions and beliefs will also condemn Arun Daeshim David, her innocent offspring.