Some of us believe in God. Some of us don't. I belong to both categories. Perhaps we are all making God or we all are aspects of God.  The Secret Life of a God is dedicated to the hidden God, the God to Be in each of us....

Reviews:"This book starts as a deceptively 'easy read' drawing the reader in to a ready sympathy with the main character David. His early life, and progress through it, become more compelling as the character develops until the fantastical dream sequence chapters suddenly plunge the reader into a metaphysical roller coaster ride, demanding great nerve and staying power. Well worth it though, the closing chapters answered most of the questions raised during the ride, but created many others, not just about the story line, but also about the nature of love and life itself.
The next book in the trilogy will be eagerly awaited."

 I would just like to say how much I enjoyed it!   Your story of the hero's childhood made me cry.  The writing is beautiful, spiritual and poetic and I found it very readable throughout.  I love the way you have intertwined his mullti-faceted religious experience with his scientific turn of mind.  The book is a really good read but thought provoking at the same time.  There is a lot of originality here and I would thoroughly recommend The Secret Life of a God. Patsy Hughes. Writer.

The Secret Life of a God

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David is a very normal young man. Like most of them, he lacks confidence. Like many of them, he has fallen for Kate, the most beautiful girl around. The Firebird of his dreams. But David's lack of self-confidence goes beyond the growing pains of youth. It goes back to the roots of an ancient civilization, and is entrenched in his sinful origins on the shores of the Ganges as the son of an Indian outcaste -those born below the feet of the God- and a British father. In Kate, he meets his goddess and his downfall. For how can he ever bring himself to look the goddess in the eye?

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I have never really thought of love in this way before. I felt the terror of Kate's experience with Phillip and the intense love you feel for your own child. This book is written with such depth of feeling, that you live it yourself, thankfully only briefly.
Looking forward to the last instalment. I would recommend this book to my family and friends.

Reviews: "A Book of Ethos and Pathos. Enjoy. Ireally enjoyed this book. I liked the characters and the dreams and explanations were very thought provoking."

"A great book ! Patrissia uses eloquent and descriptive language that helps you get immersed in her story. The Thermodynamics of Love gives the common and relatable subject of love a new perspective,and presents it to the reader in an entertaining manner.Highly recommended"